How to Become a Board Director

A Board Director, also known as a Non-Executive Director, is an elected position in a company. They are the voice of the shareholders, and they make sure that the company is run in a way that is ethical while maximising shareholder value. They are also accountable for setting the strategic goals of the company and making sure that they are met by management.

They are often required to make decisions that are not only strategic but also financial in nature, like capital budgets, operating budgets, and compensation decisions. This role requires a lot of time away from board meetings. This involves fundraising, attending public events, and evaluating whether the organization is true to its mission.

Board Directors are required to fulfill an obligation of fiduciary to the company, which requires them to put aside their personal interests to serve the company best. This is a significant responsibility that every candidate must consider seriously.

There are many ways to become a Board Director, and many people end up in this position simply by chance or after being asked. However, if you’re interested in becoming a Board Director, it’s a great idea to actively pursue the possibility. Start by looking up the organizations that are appealing to you and contacting members of the board.

When you create your resume, you should highlight your experience in leadership and strategy. Focus on organizations that you worked closely with the board or made significant high-stakes collaborative decisions. Include any relevant qualifications (such as a Masters of Business Administration) in your profile.